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image of tom Welcome!

I am a computational linguist with an interest in the nature of morpho-syntactic knowledge, how it interacts with other linguistic layers like semantics, and how this can be modelled. You can find out more about my academic research in my CV [Gdocs link]. The CV also includes a high-level description of my engineering work at Nuance, where I have worked until recently.

Early 2016, I have finished my DPhil at the University of Oxford, with a focus on experimental syntax and computational linguistics. My supervisors were Prof Mary Dalrymple (Oxford) and Dr Greg Kochanski (Google). The title of my thesis is "Acceptability Judgement Tasks and Grammatical Theory" [html link]. My examiners were Dr Ash Asudeh (Oxford) and Prof Gisbert Fanselow (Potsdam).

Before my DPhil, I have studied Communication Science & Phonetics, General Linguistics, and Philosophy primarily at the University of Bonn. In 2012/2013, I was on a research visit to Stanford University, where Prof Tom Wasow was my sponsor.

A lot of my recent work is with Dr Jana Häussler (now Leipzig). See my CV for some of our joint work [Gdocs link].

By popular demand: Here's the link to the TOST calculator: [html link].


APR 2018

I just gave a talk about the Zodiac Killer's z340 at Newline in Ghent. Here's a write up of the project: [html link].

MAR 2018

My time at Nuance came to an end. My plan for the coming weeks is to focus on publishing research that has been piling up.

FEB 2018

What's a good time to apply for jobs in linguistics/computational linguistics? I've looked at this question in this blog post: [html link].

DEC 2017

Dr Jana Häussler and I will give a talk at Linguistic Evidence, one of my favourite conferences. Our talk has the title Disentangling syntax and semantics in acceptability and intelligibility ratings radience and is on syntax-semantics interaction.

SEP 2017

Hot topics surrounding acceptability judgement tasks by Dr Jana Häussler and me has been published in the proceedings of Linguistic Evidence 2016. You can find our paper here: [html link]. The complete proceedings can be found here: [html link].


"Old news": [html link].

last modified: 18 Apr 2018