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Detecting and discouraging non-cooperative behaviour in online rating tasks

Jana Häussler :: University of Wuppertal  &  Tom Juzek :: Nuance Communications

Link to further materials for session 2: [link].

In this space, you can find information surrounding our upcoming workshop at Kogwis 2016.

The workshop has two sessions:

Session 1:
Background, motivation, and statistical analysis
Thur, 29 Sep, 9:00-11:00 in room S1360 (room tbc)
with Jana Häussler

Session 2: Programming and technical training
Thur, 29 Sep, 14:00-16:00 in room S1360 (room tbc)
with Tom Juzek

(Sessions can be taken separately. For the best experience, participants should attend both sessions.)

Recommended Hardware:
- If you can, please bring your own laptop

Recommended Software:
- R (go here for installation instructions:
- JavaScript (typically comes with your browser; check here if your JS is working: [link])
- Editor for coding (possible editors include: vim, atom, notepad++)

last modified: 04 Sep 2016