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MAR 2018 The Zodiac Killer's z340: like a fake substitution cipher

FEB 2018

What's a good time to look for jobs in linguistics/computational linguistics?

MAR 2017

Consent form for acceptability judgement tasks

SEP 2016

E-drop in German compounds

JAN 2016

TOST Calculator

This website performs a TOST for you. Crucially, it takes care of delta/theta, so you don't have to worry about it.

DEC 2015

The TOST An example of setting delta

The TOST is one of the most common similarity tests. However, a question that frequently comes up is "how do I best set delta"? In this blog post, I'll try to answer this question.

N.B.: I have also a blog on economic and political issues, which you can find here: [html link].

last modified: 18 Apr 2018